Petya Cyber Attack

A massive cyber-attack in the form of ransomware has gripped Ukraine. Britain, Danish and Spanish firms were also crippled in the virus attack. All the firms, airports and government departments were affected, and later, the attack spread all over Europe. Metro networks, central banks, and state aircraft manufacturers were also paralyzed. A shipping firm in the Netherlands and advertising firm in the UK declared that their systems were too malfunctioning due to the attack. The virus came in the form of ransomware. This happened a week after the WannaCry hack that affected almost 150 countries.

The attack on 27th June 2017 was dealt on high priority as it questioned the safety of the nations affected. Maersk, a famous logistics company, shut down many of its operations after the attack. Rosneft, the most famous Russian oil company, suffered a setback too with severe damage to its servers.

Let us have a glance through the events that were unfolded immediately after the terrible attack:
3:06 pm- The British advertising firm, WPP confirmed that it was a victim of the attack.
3:08 pm- Rosneft, the Russian oil mascot said that it suffered terrible loss after the hack.
There was a tweet from the deputy prime minister of Ukraine confirming the virus attack.
3:11 pm- Maersk’s 17 container terminals were down because of the attack.
3:23 pm- Experts look at the consequences of the attack and ascertain that Petya ransomware is behind the attack.
3:27 pm- Several Spanish forms were also under attack.
3:43 pm- WPP employees were told to shut off their systems.
3:48 pm- The attack is multi-pronged, and US firms were also affected.
3:51 pm- Few Swiss and Indian companies were affected too.
3:57 pm- The attack was termed to be severe and impossible to stop.
4:00 pm- Chernobyl nuclear plant was also attacked.
4:12 pm- Many shipping terminals were shut down.
4:21 pm- Cases were reported in Lithuania too.
4:45 pm- It was declared that there is no kill switch for Petya.
4:56 pm- The attack spread to Israel.
6:49 pm- Almost 2000 companies were under attack.

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