To rank on Google a great Backlink Strategy is needed

A key point for SEO success that everybody is talking about is creating more inbound links to your website. The best way to get good links is to find highly relevant websites and ask them to set up a link to your website. While this research for relevant links can be very time consuming, it is also very rewarding in the amount of traffic it can generate for your website. It involves going on a tedious hunt through related or similar websites, contacting the right people there and offering to set up reciprocal links. These free links, once established, are often the life-blood of a stable internet marketing campaign. seo ranking on google

It’s seems simple, but many of these website owners, especially the one with a PR site will on many occasions ignore your request. But if you can show the benefit to linking to one of your good content page, a good majority of them will accept your request.

These site owners will want reciprocal links back to their sites; you must be willing to place a link somewhere on your own website (usually a links page) in order to set these up. In fact, it is best to set up a reciprocal link from your own website before contacting the other person. It costs you nothing and makes it harder for the person you are asking to say “no” or to ignore your request. We do not recommend putting links on your home page or in areas where the link will distract from the focus of your site.

This is an everyday task and it requires patience and perseverance to get ultimate result. But when implemented right you will see some dramatic result in terms of traffic.

A good example is a link from a highly popular website like; free internet marketing courses to our search engine optimization page doubled the traffic to our website marketing agengy

The same sort of paid text link ads are also available from Text Link Brokers and Link Adage. For a free, downloadable eBook (an Adobe PDFfile) on why linking matters and how to set up your own effective linking strategy, go to this site, Linking Matters and download their free report. It’s well worth the time it takes to read and understand linking as part of a strategy for getting people to your site and to raise your visibility in the search engines. is a free directory of websites that swap links with other websites. Useful for finding and setting up links to relevant websites. offers a cheap way to buy reciprocal links – they charge a dollar per link and you get to set which categories of links you want and don’t want. They automate the whole process. You set your monthly budget for how many links you can afford.

If you have feedback (negative or positive) about any of the above, please let us know about it.
Note: Some of these link resources have free options, some don’t. All of them are either paid or reciprocal in some way. If you choose to go with one of these, take a look after a few weeks at who is newly linking to you for the quality of the links it gets you. And, keep checking for a few months whether it has helped you at all, either by sending in more traffic or improving your rank. Not all links are equal, so do take a good look at what you are getting for your membership.

Make it easy for people to link to your site. You can set up a page that has the code linking to your site, so they can paste it into their HTML.

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Auto accident checklist: Tips on what to do following a car accident

Auto accident checklist: Tips on what to do following a car accident

Hopefully you will never be involved in an auto accident or need to file an insurance claim. Even the most careful and skilled drivers, however, can easily find themselves in the middle of a crash. Would you know what to do? Knowledge of what to do after the car accident can help make the insurance claims process easier and smoother so that you are back on the road accident attorney

If you are in an auto accident:

1. Try to stay calm, stop your vehicle and check for injuries. The life and health of you, your passengers and the other people involved in the accident is far more important than the vehicle itself.

2. If required, call the police and let them know of the accident, your location, how many people are involved, whether there are injuries and the types of injuries.

3. You may wish to take reasonable steps to protect yourself, and your vehicle, from further damage. Where possible and if legal, move the autos to the side of the road and turn on your hazards as soon as it is safe. If you have flares, you may wish to use them to warn oncoming traffic and to prevent additional crashes.

4. Taking lots of notes is a good practice, like:

ï the date, time and location of the accident
ï how the accident occurred sometimes a drawing is worth a thousand words and can help enhance what youíve noted
ï the type and location of damage to your car
ï the type and location of damage to the other cars or property involved
ï the names, addresses and contact information of all drivers and passengers involved in the accident
ï drivers license numbers and all the information on the licenses
ï insurance identifications including the name of the insurance company and policy number
ï the names, addresses and contact information of witnesses
ï the names and badge numbers of police officers or other first response personnel

(Being able to take notes is important so keep a pen and pad in your glove compartment, just in case.)

5. You may wish to ask the police officer when and where you can get a copy of the accident report. There’s a good chance you will need it when you submit your insurance claim to your insurer.personal injury lawyers

6. Its usually a good idea to call your insurance company right away and report the accident because the sooner they know about the crash the quicker they can start working to resolve your insurance claim. As well, they’ll be able to explain the next steps, like where to have the car towed if necessary and arrange for an adjuster to come out and appraise the damage before any repair work is done.

7. There are a couple of don’t you might want to consider like don’t discuss the financial limits of your auto insurance policy and avoid discussing the responsibility for the accident or circumstances of the accident with anyone other than the police or a representative of your insurance company.

Auto accidents take a significant toll on everyone involved. But, if you stay calm, make safety your priority and follow the above tips, you will get through the ordeal of being in an accident and submitting an insurance claim.

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