The Aftermath Of The Cyclone Hatho

This terrible cyclone left China traumatized as almost 16 people were dead and 27,000 people were left stranded and were later evacuated. 24th August 2017 was a black day for China as the most potent storm hit its southern parts. A lot of people were injured, and many were forced to leave their homes. The regions of Macau, Hong Kong, and Guangdong were severely affected. The team to safeguard citizens against geographic disasters was deployed immediately. Guangxi and Guangdong provinces received about 30 cm of rainfall as the storm passed by them. Macau and the mainland China regions had a violent wind of 160 kilometers per hour.

There was a power outage and the city of casinos was trying to recover by using their generators. There was a moving picture of people waddling through murky and knee-deep water on the roads. Electric pillars and wires were dismantled. Almost 200 people were hurt in Hong Kong and Macau. There was a severe shortage of food, medicines and drinking water. Infections were rising, and people were afraid of poisonous insects and reptiles that could enter the houses through the water. As said earlier, 27000 people were sent to safe places and cyclone rehabilitation centers. Two million population was practically living in darkness.

The chief weather forecaster at the meteorological department issued a statement saying that the cyclone Hatho moved faster and became more powerful than expected and caused immense rainfall. The maximum ten signal was awarded to the cyclone, and it was quite a serious one since 1968. Cyclone Wanda of 1962 was even worse causing more calamities and deaths. Astronomical tides were caused rising the water levels in many water bodies. When the cyclone weakened, it brought heavy rains and tornado to Vietnam too. The total estimated economic loss was around 1.5 billion. 220 acres of agricultural land was damaged beyond recognition.

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